The Paper Revolution Foundation, Thane


Pranav Prakash Patil (Founder), then a first year student from IEIBS Akademia, was supposed to take up a society-benefiting project as part of his training at the institution. Always a social work enthusiast Pranav was not able to think of any particular way as such and thought of consulting his Guru & Mentor Mrs. Aparna Unhale. She further suggested collecting old newspapers, usually referred as ‘Raddi’ (paper scrap), and use the proceeds from the same for social work.

Pranav then gathered a few of his like-minded friends, namely Rahul Torane, Siddhesh Kumbhar, Suyesh Shinde & Paraj Deshmukh to take this project ahead. Eventually, these friends became Co-founders and all together founded ‘RADDI – Paper Scrap’ on 5th September, 2016; which further left a mark on the educational life of hundreds of underprivileged children.

They started this project by collecting paper scrap from their own houses & neighbours. With a very less amount acquired from the same they provided that hygienic lunch for a day to the needy at Thane station. It was during that activity they realized that this one activity is not enough. Hence, they decided to expand this project & take it forward & reach out to the society at large. They started contacting more households & offices to generate more scrap donations which were further going to be used for a noble cause.

The group’s “One To Many – A Social Service Journey” has become a hope to such people of the society who are deprived from the basic necessities; those in the present-days are beyond just food, clothing and shelter. Education is one such necessity and has played a significant role in the survival and evolution of the human race. Breaking the reputation of today’s youth in the minds of the masses, 5 young social service enthusiasts who started from distributing food packets to needy, are now fulfilling the needs of taking education for a number of children, thus providing them with an opportunity to be a part of the society that they were once deprived of.

What began as a college activity has today become a youth-powered change-driven social community that has 30 + active members, 260 + active raddi and scrap donors and plenty of supporters. RADDI – Paper Scrap was incorporated on 17th January, 2019, as The Paper Revolution Foundation.

The hard work, struggle and contribution of the members of this group and their dedication has created an image of The Paper Revolution Foundation in the minds of people as a selfless, apolitical and unbiased social service foundation and hopes to continue with the good work further.