The Paper Revolution Foundation, Thane

Our Projects 

Project Pratibhashali

Project Pratibhashali is our new initiative for Educational & Overall development of underprivileged Adivasi students in Karhe village of Vikramgad Taluka in Palghar District. Under this project we will be making an attempt to serve the need of educational facilities of the students. We will be having Mrs. Pratibha Hilim as our full time dedicated teacher for the students, who also is the initiator of this project. We as an organization strongly believe that, “Everyone deserves a chance to choose their career path ahead. Locality, Language, Lack of Guidance & Lack of Facilities cannot act as a barrier to make that choice.” Following the same thought process we will try to tackle the barriers that these young minds have to face and make necessary efforts to provide students with the opportunities to excel in their life, which they have got no or limited access to, yet.

Zilla Parishad (ZP) Schools

We are associated with Zilla Parishad (ZP) schools in rural parts of Thane district.  A ZP school is a government school for both primary and secondary education. However, like many other ZP Schools in the state, this school is also lacking a good infrastructure & proper amenities along with a shortage of teaching staff. All the students admitted in these schools belong to families which fall into low income groups. We associate with these schools & partially adopt the schools/students. Once we adopt, we provide all the students with educational stationery & other necessary materials. However, these schools are only up till 7th standard. After 7th standard, students have to move to other schools for further schooling education. So, we provide school uniforms to few students who enrol themselves into private schools for further education. We are also studying the needs and potential of these children and are coming up with more effective and creative ideas to make their schooling & learning more fun & encourage these children to take higher education, explore their potential and be a good Indian Citizen.


We are working for children at Veetbhatti (Brick Kiln) in small villages on the outskirts of Kalyan and Bhiwandi city. These kids along with their families migrate for a period of 6-7 months from their native hometowns to these kilns; because of which the children have to loss on their education. Furthermore, even the employment of these people (parents of the kids) is in danger due to the development in construction sector. The children of these people need to be directed towards the main stream education system. We, along with a Kalyan based NGO – Prem Seva Mahila Mandal, are trying to get these children on the tracks of education, make them interested in taking education and trying to get them into the mainstream flow of society. We visit these children repetitively, in the non-monsoon period of 6-7 months, to connect with them and to make them understand the importance of education. As a small contribution towards their better future we provide them with stationery materials. We believe that Education has to be felt like an emotion, practiced like a responsibility and enjoyed as an experience. Hence, we interact with them through various activities in order to help them understand various aspects of life, starting right from hygiene up to civic sense.

Divyang Kala Kendra

Everyone has a hidden talent, from which they can look at the world with a beautiful view. The talent of the students at Divyang Kala Kendra leaves everyone pretty amused and spellbound. Divyang Kala Kendra is an initiative of Aditya Prathisthan (Abhinay Katta) in Thane, where handicapped children, teenagers and adults are encouraged to explore their art. The students here are usually involved in performing arts. There are 30-40 students. Their teachers are very supportive, loving and their inspiration. These children are packed with a lot of talent and compassion. We are try to engage with these students, connect with them and motivate them. We try to understand the needs of these children and try to provide for these needs. Where we all are busy in our lives, these kids teach us to how to get most out of the life that we only get once.

Signal School 

In Thane, there is India’s first ever registered “Signal School”, an initiative of a Thane-based NGO Samarth Bharat Vyaspeeth. Signal School was started to educate the children of rural migrates who moved to Thane and started living under the flyover of Teen Hath Naka Signal and on various signals in the city, in order to earn a living. In 2017, Samarth Bharat Vyaspeeth took the responsibility of these children and the signal school started educating the kids who once used to sell articles and beg on the signals. This school functions out of a shipping container. The teachers here come up with a suitable curriculum and innovative teaching methods in order to address the need of each child. The main contribution to Signal School by our foundation is the Volunteering or more commonly called as “Shramdaan”. Our members celebrate festivals with the children at Signal School, help them in their study, assist them in their projects, attend exhibitions with them, help them arrange various activities and also impart some good values along with that. Along with this, we also provide them with educational material occasionally. Today, we have a great relationship with these children and every time we visit it is a delight for both, our members and the students.

Socio Unity

Socio Unity is our initiative under which we make an attempt to get our members, donors, supporters an society at large together for various self beneficiary activities. We firmly believe that people who are working hard to bring a change in the society through TPR or any other source should also be given an opportunity to develop themselves.





Our foundation is also focused towards making people aware about various rights, responsibilities and other social issue.

We do it by practicing various campaigns. Some of our campaigns are as follows:

Gaurisuta Vahidata

In the “Gaurisuta Vahidata” campaign, we urge people to give notebooks as offerings to Lord Ganesh and later donate these notebooks to us, during the Ganpati Festival. The ideology behind this campaign was to reduce the wastage of flowers, fruits & sweets and to provide to people a simple way to make their contribution to the cause of educating the underprivileged.

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In the “Aquapoint” campaign, we provide free drinking water to pedestrians in crowded areas during the summer season. Drinking water is utmost need of the human body with increasing heat in the environment. This campaign aims to serve people working hard in the scorching heat.

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Voting Awareness 

Voting is not just a right for citizens, but it is more like a responsibility. To make people aware of their responsibilities we create awareness before Loksabha & Vidhansabha elections.

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Respect & Gratitude towards Traffic Police 

Traffic Police work hard in the gruesome environment of the urban areas. They stand under the scorching sun, manage traffic even when the roads are flooded and make sure that pedestrians are safe all the time. To honour their hard work towards smoother functioning of traffic and daily rushes in cities, we visit these hardworking police officers, hand them over a few chilled refreshments, and have casual conversations.

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Cleanliness Drive 

With increasing population in the urban areas, it is becoming harder for the city’s regulatory bodies to keep them clean. Furthermore, due to irresponsible behaviour of citizens clean surroundings have become a distant horizon for city-dwellers. To induce a sense of responsibility and the need of maintaining cleanliness, we organised Cleanliness Drives.

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