The Paper Revolution Foundation, Thane

the paper revolution foundation

formerly known as RADDI – Paper Scrap

Who we are  

The Paper Revolution Foundation (TPR Foundation) formerly known as ‘RADDI – Paper Scrap’ is a students and youngsters driven charitable organization, which is known for their work for the underprivileged. TPR Foundation’s innovative idea for raising funds to serve the needs of the underprivileged is what differentiates them from other main stream funded NGO’s.

What we Do 

Scrap Collection



Our organization collects paper scrap (raddi) or any general scrap from households & offices. The collected scrap is then provided to local scrap mart or agencies & the funds acquired from the same are used for social work purpose. The organization has been successfully raising funds through this initiative and scattering needs of the underprivileged since last 3 years.

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What Do We Work For 


Civic Sense

Socio unity

We at TPR Foundation believe that every child has the right to explore his/her potential and everyone must get that opportunity. Therefore, we primarily focus on supporting education of underprivileged children. Along with that, we work towards achieving harmony in the society by creating awareness among citizens & educating people about social issues that require utmost attention.


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"Everyone deserves a chance to choose a kind of life they want to live ahead.
Locality, language, lack of facilities and guidance should not act as a barrier to make that choice."
Pranav Prakash Patil


  • A happy, healthy and liberal society where everyone, who deserves, gets equal opportunity for self-development and also for the betterment of society.
  • A society where citizens equally advocate their rights & their duties.


  • To support education of, socially & economically backward children and seek resolution for the problems depriving them from self-development through individual or collective action.
  • To understand the challenges faced by underprivileged & economically backward people to improve their social conduct & economic performance and delegate among themselves the responsibility of self-sustenance and development.
  • To impart a sense of rational behavior and ideal citizenship among the people.
  • To enable and inspire everyone to participate in social well-being to create harmonized surroundings for the forthcoming generations.


We are currently working actively for underprivileged children at Zilla Parishad Schools in rural parts of Thane District, Veetbhatti (Brick Kiln) in areas nearby Bhiwandi city, Divyang Kala Kendra & Signal School in Thane.

Zilla Parishad(ZP)Schools
Divyang Kala Kendra
Signal School


“The strength of the team is each individual member; the strength of each member is the team.

Managing Committee

Shailesh Kadam 
Vice Secretary

Diqvisha Zende
Vice Treasurer

Paraj Deshmukh
Vice Treasurer

Neeta Bhanage 
Committee Member 

Tanvi Gavand 
Committee Member 

Nitesh Naik
Committee Member  

Suyesh Shinde 
Committee Member 

Supriya Sakpal
Committee Member 

Sahil Natu
Committee Member 

Pooja Patil
Committee Member 

Siddhi Newaskar
Committee Member 

Raviraj Singh 
Committee Member 


Apurvesh Sawant 

Astha Shukla 

Devaki Dharap 

Farzeen Sayyed 

Komal Shinde 

Omkar Gouda

Omkar Thakur 

Pooja Bhalekar 

Poorva Dabholkar 

Pranali Kalange

Priyanka Ghadshi

Priyanka Shirsath 

Rajat Poojari 

Rutuja Nimbale 

Sadhna Tiwari

Saili Utekar 

Sameer Shirsat 

Samiksha Parab

Saurabh Sutar 

Shifa Shaikh  

Shweta Gole 

Sunil Gupta 


Akash Nair 

Bhagyashree Nimkar 

Neha Kavde 

Raamesh Kadam 

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